Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting it Right

I had cause to spend about nine hours today hogging the family computer and pouring through the Internet to build on my research for this wargaming project of mine. I am currently in the middle of painting my knights of the Rebel Left Ward and realised I needed just a couple of extra knights details for my unit.

I had anticipated having half of them as sergeants but only a few are really suitable for that rank, the rest of the figures just work better as knights. In stumbling about I struck out more times than I care to think about - chasing lines of enquiry and failing to flesh out the stories of known rebels. For example: I have a list of some 19 rebels recorded as having receive the kings pardon in June 1267 from the Patent Rolls and after many unsuccessful attempts I only managed to satisfy myself that one of them could have been at Lewes. Of course, I then need to identify his heraldry and thankfully did so.
During this exercise I realised to my shock that I had made a critical mistake in my research and previous lists. I had been mistakenly identifying the Earl of Oxford as Geoffrey de Lucy and had erroneously including him in my documents and postings as having commanded the Left Ward.  This was wrong and I apologise if this has inconvenienced anyone.  In fact, the real Earl of Oxford and commander of the Left Ward was Robert de Vere. I have a particularly interesting figure for him and will post his heraldry with a dedicated article to the man in the near future.
In the meantime, I will continue to build on my research and attempt to GET IT RIGHT!

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