Thursday, April 24, 2014

Resumption of Services

Like Simon de Montfort, I fought for what I believed in yesterday and lost. In stead of the field at Evesham, my battleground was in the Family Court and instead of death and severed limbs, it was my family which was dismembered.

Having returned to Australia at my children's request, they have now been separated from me as their Mother moves to Sydney from Canberra and takes them with her.

The upside is (and there is always an upside) that I take sole possession (if not yet ownership) of the abandoned family home. This Monday I move back into my house, back into my shed and as soon as I re-establish myself, Project Lewes will once more shake off the inertia of circumstances and drive forward.

Keep the faith and stay tuned.


rct75001 said...

Mate, take care. Hope you will get a lot of chances to see the kids.


Stephen said...

I'm really sorry to hear of this. If it's any conciliation, the children will make their own mind up.

Ubique Matt said...

Sorry to hear about your personal circumstances but good to hear you're keeping a psoitive outlook.

Kind regards,

A-Historian said...

I'm really sorry to hear that.

Condolences from an internet stranger might not mean much, but they are heartfelt.

If it cheers you up any, your blog has inspired me for years.

Þorsteinn á Heiðini said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family, but I hope that diving into this fantastic and inspirational project again can help you to mend.

matheo said...

Wow, talk about mixed feelings here... I'm glad to see you planning to get back on track with the project, yet at the same time I'm really sad to hear about your situation, I can't even imagine what'd be like for me to be in such a shitty state... I also believe first months in your ex-family home will not be easy, seeing it all empty. At least you have your shed... Keep it up, and remember - "On! ON!"

Bluewillow said...

Forward Charles and don't spare the horses~!


Carlo said...

Just read this mate - hope the last six months have been getting better every day.