Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rebel Right Ward Knights: Modelling Pt2

A month of painting and simultaneous research and I have finished the painting of the Right Ward knights. At this stage I am electing not to complete the bases until the rest of the ward is finnished - I have commenced the archers and will then proceed to the two units of foot. The centre figure (representing William de Munchensy) I now realise should be with Gilbert de Clare's ward and not with this unit, so he is one of the two seperately based figures and will be replaced when I paint the next horse unit.

John de Neville (foreground) and Hugh de Neville (rear) pictured left. I had originally intended that Hugh would be the unit leader (required under WAB) but changed to John de Burgh. You will note that my Hugh has a painted helm (the only one) and I have to admit that if you refer to my Right Ward Knights: Research & Heradlry pdf you will see that his blazon should be paly (6) azure and or - not paly (6) or and azure as I have it here. As if that wasn't irritating enough, the reason I haven't changed it (and I did give it serious consideration) was becasue I had already mis-painted the chief argent and three escallops gules, changing it to the correct chief gules, three escallops argent you see depicted. A tip for the easily confused like myself ... if you have to draw the shield from a description as I did ... colour it in also.

I elected to have the unit standard as that of de Montfort with tinctures reversed as seen on the cover of J.R.Maddicott's Simon de Montfort 1995 (reprint) and have the herald/trumpeter in household livery. This is to differentiate it from the two other standards I will need for the foot units, commanded by the other two de Montfort brothers.

The only pennon I gave was to John de Burgh as senior baron in the group and nominated leader. Another compromise in my heradlry is with his blazon. As you can see it is quite complex and my painting skills and eyesight get me only so far. His lozengy pattern should be seven across (gules) and eight down - I have represented it by five across and five down.

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