Friday, December 26, 2014


Well, I have an awful lot of lost ground to make up for this lost year. My divorce is settled and I have regained possession of my house - after a struggle before the courts and a lot of mutual stress, we came to an understanding of sorts. Such is life. So when I look back on this project of mine I find myself wondering - where was I?

I had done a lot of work on getting the battlefield up to scratch and I realised (I can be slow at times) that painting my synthetic grass with an airbrush was going to take me a second life-time to complete. The painting was slow, blockages too common for the task and even my patients was wearing thin. The principle remains sound but the tools were just not fit for the job. This will not be my only spec built table top so any further investment in equipment was to be a worthy venture.

Enter the 50 litre Ryobi Airwave 2.0 horse power direct drive air-compressor. Complete with 10 meter hose, brass fittings and twin top-cup spray guns I can now colour my fields and my car if I go mad any time soon. It's all rigged and ready to paint. I hope to say, once mastered, that the AUD300.00 purchase was worth it. If you were wondering ... yes, merry Christmas to me. Now all I need is a free weekend and some good weather - that's fine weather. We have had brilliant rain this last month but it's not conducive to painting a 6'x12' table - great for the garden, not so much for Project Lewes.