Reserve Ward: Crossbow


Any type of missile or bow armed fighting men are not recorded as having been present at Lewes in significant numbers or having made any significant impact. Nevertheless, they were sure to have been present if only to enabled harassment of an enemy force before the large bodies of spear and mounted soldiery came to grips with one another.

There is every reason to assume that crossbow armed foot would have been included in the general call-to-arms on either side and so it is that I have elected to furnish my rebel reserve ward with a small unit.

I love these sculpts from Crusader Miniatures (pack MCF031) which I ordered through Northstar Miniatures. They were no-fuss constructions - very little clean up needed and just glue in the crossbows. I chose of round off one of the more peaked helmets through filing just to add variety. I don't often get to build small units so this was a rapid treat for me. Next up ... some spear armed foot.



Aly Morrison said…
A very nice looking unit…
The non- glamorous foot sloggers rarely get a mention in history… but they are some of my favourite troop types.

All the best. Aly

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