Finalised Field

Well I've chipped away at this terrain project for more time than I care to reflect on but thanks to some school holiday leave with my daring daughters, I got 'some' downtime and put the finishing touches to the marshland for my Lewes table-top. This first shot was an indulgent one but just goes to show how realistic natural light in all its forms can render a model at the right time.
 The next shot is the completely finished marshland. As you might make out, I edged some of my bogs with foam foliage and put a few dots of static grass at the extreme shallows. I'm not happy with the acrylic lacquer but am satisfied they look wet enough - less pools and more wet mud. This feature of the ground has in fact caused far more effort on my part than it may ever justify but if we play the game enough times, some units are bound to get driven into it.
Here's what the Royalists will be looking at as they form up to advance up the slope of the Downs - rather them than me. Excuse my head shadow - nothing to be done I'm afraid. The white patch to the right is where the edge of the town will feature - at this time I'm thinking two modest houses, a yard or two and a cabbage patch.
And finally, the complete vista looking from Lewes over the Downs. Essentially, it's game ready now but I'll edge the boards with white and I have to construct some scratch-built buildings - the first of which will be the windmill. Then I can get on with painting the other half of my rebel army. Anyone who follows my generic wargame blog 'Unlucky General' will know I have already started on my next terrain project for Waterloo:Papelotte which will also feature six 900x900 millimeter boards and synthetic fur. But for today, I'm painting Charlotte's bedroom.   


Phil said…
I must congratulate you for this awesome job, the result is realistic and gorgeous!
Unlucky General said…
Thanks Phil, very much appreciated.
Duke Wacoan said…

Your site has already cost me several $$ ordering Crusader, Mirliton and Curteys figures to do the full OOB. Excellent board, particularly the texturing. I've done a lot of boards, but never one with that good texturing. Like to hear more detail about the methods used.

In case you are interested in those we have done here -
Unlucky General said…
Thanks James. I'll be looking at your stuff directly.

Carlo said…
Sensational looking table Greg - really excellent use of the synthetic fur. Can't wait to see some battles!

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