Thursday, March 5, 2020

Shot Film: BazBattles YouTube 'The Battle of Lewes'

As I predicted earlier, it's been an age since I've posted on this blog. In the meantime I stumbled across this recent video posted on YouTube which is a snappy account of the battle. Like most short videos on historical subjects, the narrative is condensed to the point where is becomes inaccurate at times through a lack of context, sweeping and simplified statements and misleading through what it doesn't include as much as what it does.
Nevertheless, I generally handy little synopsis and as good a starting point as any you could expect for a 10 minute investment of your time.
I've not attempted to link video content to this blog before now so will include a link to the YouTube channel in case it can't be viewed properly.
I do want to get back to this project as I'm close to finishing the Baronial army and need to start on the royalists but predict this won't be happening until late in the year.

BazBattles: The Battle of Lewes 


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