Friday, February 18, 2011

Rebel Left Ward Knights: Modelling

Well, I finally finished painting the ten knights and sergeants comprising my Left Ward cavalry for the Rebel army at Lewes. I will not repeat what i have previously posted as each knight within the unit has his own posting on this blog. This unit has what I regard as two sergeants and a squire (trumpeter) - the two former in the service of Rober de Vere, Earl of Oxford and the latter, a squire of the de Montfort family. As with my other units, I have not completed the bases until I have built the scenery making for the filed at Lewes. Only then, when my colours and textures are complete, will I match my bases to the terrain.

This essentially marks the half way point for my baronial army in the command of Simon de Montfort. For those who follow this blog, I have taken considerable pains to research each and every knight and as usual, hand painted the lot. I can certainly appreciate why this particular period is not more popular than it is in wargaming - the blazons and caparisons can take a hellishly long time. My next post will be an assembly of the army thus far.

I am not going to take abreak from Lewes for a while and switch to another project or two and my other related blog. I have also begun turning my mind to the windmill on the field of battle and noticed that Gripping Beast appear to have re-sculpted their horses so I may look to Simon de Montfort himself and his bodyguard cavalry for my Rebel Reserve Ward.


DeanM said...

Nice work! Great job on the heraldry. Dean

Paul´s Bods said...

Very nice. The heraldry...hand painted?

Unlucky General said...

Thank you for the kind words Dean and Paul. Yes, all my stuff is hand painted. I haven't the confidence that all the transfers I'd need are the right size, available or economic for me. Personally, I'm not particularly happy with my escallops and setting the camera to 'portrait' and macro certainly shows up my work in details greater than my naken eye can see when painting it.

Bluewillow said...

Great achievment so far mate, I am looking forward to starting my Royalist Right Ward to face them. After taking your advice I will be looking at the latest Gripping Beast offers.