Right Tools for the Job

This has been far too long in the making  or should I say assembling? Bought in December as a Christmas present to myself I just got it out of the box and yes, assembly was required. This 50 litre compressor is just what the doctor ordered and when united with my spray gun and hose, what was taking me hours was taken care of in minutes. WHAT A DELIGHT!
The above is the smaller of a two gun set and once I had read and re-read the instructions, the novice engaged the device and away I went. Given that I am colouring synthetic fur there wasn't much of a technique I needed to master so with only a few seconds to see the gun was spraying satisfactorily, before I knew it I started over my panels.
I am using Jo Sonja acrylic Green Oxide artists paint, which applied particularly well but is getting used up very quickly. In fact, I estimate one tube per tile and after just these two, I am out of paint. Still, whilst I have stalled yet again until I revisit the store to buy up what I can find, the ram has touched the wall. Sometimes you just have to throw money at a project to re-float it. I'm geting very good vibes from all the results thus far and in one form or another, the synthetic fur total terrain solution is definitely the future for me. Lewes Downs is just the beginning.


Stephen said…
That looks very effective :-)

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