To the Marshes

I decided back when first carpetting the boards with synthetic fur to leave the low ground or marsh edge of the river Ouse for a different surface. I thought this becasue I wanted the 'grass level' much lower than the pastureland and the heights. After staring at it for the past two weeks and a failed experiment in dying a toweling bath-mat I came to the realisation I should have covered the entire surface and worked the pile down. Well, I've been learning as I go.
The sink points have been painted in a dark undercoat which I will later wash over with browns for a muddy effect before adding the water effect using a product I have yet to determine. They will be sown with reeds. I then carpeted around the bog holes with more synthetic fur using Selley's Quick Grip.
I'll be trimming the entire area quite low, particularly about the bogs. As the pile will be lower and thin, I plan to attempt painting in the same greens as the rest of the boards but rubbing or painting them by hand. The browns will smear into the greens and become darker toward the outer edge. 


Stephen said…
Watching your progress with interest :-)
Phil said…
Very nice so far...
Unlucky General said…
Many thanks. Even I'm getting impatient as I near the finish line - but a bit to go yet.

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